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Who Is Our Latest Interest?

We found Mia walking around downtown Tampa one day and she caught our eye with her vibrant hair, incredible tattoos and unique piercings. 

We followed for nearly an hour until she ended up at a local coffee shop where we decided to make our move.  Mia had placed her phone on the table while she was reading a book, as we sat at the table next to her, getting just close enough to allow our wireless hacking software to penetrate her phone and gain access.

Once we were in, WHOA were we in…the photos and videos we now have access to is incredible, best of all we were able to insert our latest trojan into her phone and now we have full control of her camera and continuous access to her pics and video. 

Don’t miss out, watch her pics and vids with us or let us know if you want a true sneak peek into her life.

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